Lyndsay contacted me a few weeks ago and I had an opening, so BOOM! We booked her senior shoot right away. I was so excited to meet her! Other than the fact that she is clearly so fun and adorable (obviously), she attends the very same school that I graduated from. Well, actually, I went to the same school from Kindergarden to twelfth grade. :)

Lyndsay had already dreamed of having her photos at the Hershey hotel, so Lyndsay, her mom and I journeyed to Hershey for the evening. The weather was PERFECT - not too hot and great natural light. It was a win-win situation, folks! On our way back we stopped in an overgrown field area that I saw on the way and grabbed the last few photos from our session. Then on our 40-ish minute trip home we talked about food basically the entire ride because...everyone would do the same thing, right? Maybe it was the Hershsey's chocolate in the air that was getting to us? Yeah, that's what I'll blame it on.

God bless you in your senior year, Lyndsay! 

Here are some of my favorite photos from Lyndsay's session.