Jonathan + Rebekah

I am so blessed. Because of meeting people across the globe in missions, I've been given connections that are unheard of. I've met friends from, literally, all over the world and this time I got to photograph a stunning couple, inside and out, in the beautiful land of South Africa. If you aren't aware, South Africa is the southern most country in Africa and yes, it is a country. It is not just a general term for the southern part of Africa. It is its own country. And it's wonderful.

South Africa.

This is my most favorite country on earth. If you haven't taken the trip - please do. (Actually there are some discounted sales happening on flights right now - so you COULD go.) This country is full of so much life and beauty. I met Rebekah, the bride, in Kona, Hawaii while I was doing a missions school. We bonded, became friends and...well, next thing I know I'm photographing her wedding in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Rebekah and Jon - love you both tons and tons. 

Enjoy their wedding photos. :)


LOCATION: Sacred Mountain Lodge <--click here to see more!