I'm so excited to share the first part of Haleigh's senior photo session! Haleigh and I both know each other from the horse world we've both been involved in for years - fun connection, right? 

Horses are one of my favorite "props" for a session, so I was super excited when Haleigh wanted to book a session with JUST her and her horse Sturgis. Let's just say....shout out to Haleigh's Dad for all of the behind the scenes work he did to get Sturgis' ears up! It may sound silly, but it completely changes the look of the photo if the horse's ears look perfect, too. 

Enough of my ranting about horse ears (who even does that?)...check out Haleigh (& Sturgis') senior photos! Part 2 of Haleigh's photos is in the works!


-Sarah Gehman