Eric + Shelby

Hey y'all - I started my 2016 wedding season off with some southern charm last weekend.

(Yes, I did just say "y'all")

          I had the honor of shooting a true, southern wedding, in the great state of Texas! I connected with Shelby through a wedding referral Facebook group - how random, right? Shelby's wedding was the perfect excuse for a visit to Texas to visit my sister, niece and nephew - so I made a trip of it! Eric + Shelby's wedding was located on Shelby's family's horse farm and... It. Was. Stunning. The guests were greeted by the horses as they walked into the stable and found their seats in the aisle - I've never seen a wedding like it!

          You know the phrase that says it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day? Well, these two lovebirds should have LOTS of luck for their marriage!  After the first hour or so after I arrived, it down poured the rest of the night. But, that didn't stop their guests from celebrating! 

Thank you for trusting me, Eric + Shelby! Your love is beautiful.

-Sarah Gehman