I'm not sure that I've ever had so much fun at a senior session as I did with Erika. She is hilarious and was so natural in front of the camera. Erika and I went to school together years ago. We were even in a musical together - so much fun! It was a joy to reunite with her and have a flawless senior session. She blew me away with her style...and let's talk about that flower crown, folks! She basically looked like the most perfect woodland fairy. 

SIDE NOTE: There was a hilarious dog that seemed to follow us around during the, I just had to include some "behind the scenes" with the pup because it was too funny. He was basically magnetized to wherever I would tell Erika to, who's shoot actually was it? Someone didn't get the memo. 

Enjoy Erika's photos. Which are your favorite?

-Sarah Gehman