Jessica Lynn

It's not every day that I get to photograph my not- so-little sister's senior photos. 

I STILL have a hard time believing that the girl I photographed for an hour at sunset was MY JESSY! I'm so thankful that I shared these senior photo memories with her. So, here's what happened...Jessica approached me and she said that it was her dream to take her senior photos in this famous little flower field in Lititz, PA...with her horse. So, we did just that. We loaded her sweet horse, Greyson, on our trailer and we made some art in a flower field at sunset. 

Pretty ideal, I know. 

We most DEFINITELY had eyes watching us the whole time and it seemed that everyone was taking pictures...of us taking pictures. I guess it wasn't the most normal occurrence and it was pretty picturesque...hence, why we were there. It was actually kind of hilarious, to be honest. You couldn't wipe the smiles off of our faces that evening if you tried. I dare you to time travel to the past and see if you could stop our smiley selves. I DARE YOU.

(Let me know how it goes, if you do? I spoke confidently, but if you can time travel...well, I freakin' respect you.)

Please enjoy Jessica Lynn Gehman's senior photos.

SHOUT-OUT to my Mom for standing behind me and my camera waving things and making noises so that Greyson would have his ears up in the photos. You should get a raise, Mama!

DISCLAIMER: We were asked to not bring our horse back to the flower field for safety reasons so, unfortunately, you cannot bring your horse to this famous little field for YOUR senior photos. A great dane? Maybe! But a horse? Nope! I do want to officially apologize to the owner of the field for any disrespect you may have felt. We should have asked permission before we brought our horse. We are so thankful for the owner's kindness in planting the field and opening it to the public. You are inspiring our community to get creative, be generous and come together. It's such a beautiful thing, really. God bless you.