Andrea + Drew | Historic Acres of Hershey | Pennsylvania Wedding | Hershey, PA

I loved this day so, so much.

Andrea + Drew were a dream to work with. The weather was rainy RIGHT when the ceremony was supposed to begin, but everyone waited for it to lighten. Guests waited with umbrellas. The bridal party joyfully wiped down all of the chairs multiple times. We were gonna get these two married, rain or shine!

I t w e n t b e a u t i f u l l y .

It rained, but that didn’t matter. Their ceremony was SO memorable and joyful.


Photographer: Sarah Gehman

Second Photographer: Madeline Broderick

Venue: Historic Acres of Hershey

Florist: Moss + Vine

Coordinator: Elena Scott, Events with Elena

Make-up artist: Veroleigh Cosmetics

Jee + Jane | Kukio Beach Intimate Wedding | Hawaii Beach Wedding | Four Seasons Hawaii

Jee + Jane and their sweet family all gathered for their intimate wedding on one of my favorite beaches, Kukio Beach. The light was dreamy, the sky was blue and these two made each other laugh so much and were so much fun to photograph. 

Which is your favorite image?! Mine is the VERY last couple's portrait. 

PLANNER: Vintage And Lace Weddings

FLOWERS: Grace Flowers

OFFICIANT: Tom Fernandez / Email:

DINNER: Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

Kate + John | England Destination Wedding | St. Audries Park Wedding | West Quantoxhead

I met Kate in Hawaii six years ago. It's a super common place to make good friends, am I right?!  We were both doing a school with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) and we've been pals ever since. Kate + John asked me to fly out to England to shoot their wedding and it was prettttty hard to say no to. Honestly. I was so, so honored to be a part of their wedding day. These two love birds were surrounded by people who love them dearly. 

What was your favorite image from your wedding day?

KATE: "My favorite moment was arm in arm with my precious dad walking down the isle. I felt completely over come and the power of the moment took me totally by surprise. I was so excited to see John because we had been apart for a week and when I saw him my being was flooded with peace. We had already committed to each other and even had a marriage certificate so I expected the whole thing to feel ceremonial and almost redundant but God’s presence was so tangible and I still feel totally overwhelmed when I think of that moment. It really was so powerful and to me, pure magic!"


***Big thanks to Charlie for photographing the groomsmen getting ready and the groomsmen formal photos! You rock.

KATE: "This is one of my favorites among MANY of favs! I love it because I feel pretty and John is so passionate ( after a couple glasses of ol' vino 😉) and the setting is so familiar - it’s every August in England and to me, it’s beautiful! I miss home! So, to have it captured in my wedding photos means the world to me!"

Hawaii wedding photographer

Lucas + Jenny

          I know Jenny from high school. The stunning, academic, red-headed super athlete was a few years above me and basically one of the coolest girls in school. So, I can't lie...I felt pretty honored when I was asked to shoot one of the popular girls wedding's! There was some reuniting to be had at this wedding because Jenny's brother, AJ, and I graduated in the same class AND my high school soccer coach was the pastor. Small world! 

          Jenny + Lucas's wedding was so detailed and all of the decorations were handmade. Jenny had her mom's wedding dress remade! Isn't that so sweet?! She even had a photo of her mom on her wedding day and I had to pinch myself as we took a photo of it! So dang sweet. 

Enjoy Jenny + Lucas's wedding day and God bless your week!


VENUE: Fox Chase Golf Course

FLOWERS: Ever After Floral (Such beautiful work - would definitely recommend!)

SECOND SHOOTER: : Maddie Broderick 

Jonathan + Rebekah

I am so blessed. Because of meeting people across the globe in missions, I've been given connections that are unheard of. I've met friends from, literally, all over the world and this time I got to photograph a stunning couple, inside and out, in the beautiful land of South Africa. If you aren't aware, South Africa is the southern most country in Africa and yes, it is a country. It is not just a general term for the southern part of Africa. It is its own country. And it's wonderful.

South Africa.

This is my most favorite country on earth. If you haven't taken the trip - please do. (Actually there are some discounted sales happening on flights right now - so you COULD go.) This country is full of so much life and beauty. I met Rebekah, the bride, in Kona, Hawaii while I was doing a missions school. We bonded, became friends and...well, next thing I know I'm photographing her wedding in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Rebekah and Jon - love you both tons and tons. 

Enjoy their wedding photos. :)


LOCATION: Sacred Mountain Lodge <--click here to see more!

Bethany + Tim

Prepare yourself for a dreamy woodland wedding. And, as always, thanks to Maddie Broderick for being such a wonderful second photographer. Bethany + Tim were by far one of the most laid back, chill couples that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They intentionally made time in the schedule of their day to ENJOY IT...and it made the day so joyful for everyone involved.

Couples - make the same choice for YOUR wedding day!  

These two even had a tender, private moment as they chose to wash each other's feet before their ceremony. It was an all around beautiful, life-giving day to be a part of. ALSO, it's rare that you attend a wedding when almost EVERY guest in attendance is on the dance floor.

To Bethany + Tim's friends and family...ya'll know how to celebrate. 

***looking over notes I took of all of your dance moves

Edie + Ian

Listen up, friends. I had the joy of shooting a destination wedding on the Oregon coast last weekend and let's just say that it does not disappoint. That whole "west coast, best coast" phrase is really starting to make sense. Pssst - don't tell the east coast I said so!

Please enjoy these photos of Edie + Ian's destination wedding! 

Also, thanks so much to the one and only  Emily Timmer for second shooting!

Eric + Shelby

Hey y'all - I started my 2016 wedding season off with some southern charm last weekend.

(Yes, I did just say "y'all")

          I had the honor of shooting a true, southern wedding, in the great state of Texas! I connected with Shelby through a wedding referral Facebook group - how random, right? Shelby's wedding was the perfect excuse for a visit to Texas to visit my sister, niece and nephew - so I made a trip of it! Eric + Shelby's wedding was located on Shelby's family's horse farm and... It. Was. Stunning. The guests were greeted by the horses as they walked into the stable and found their seats in the aisle - I've never seen a wedding like it!

          You know the phrase that says it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day? Well, these two lovebirds should have LOTS of luck for their marriage!  After the first hour or so after I arrived, it down poured the rest of the night. But, that didn't stop their guests from celebrating! 

Thank you for trusting me, Eric + Shelby! Your love is beautiful.

-Sarah Gehman

Graham + Sarah

Graham and I were on a team together for three months in the ever so beautiful country of South Africa. We bonded over singing and chocolate - like any normal humans do, right? Right. But, unfortunately, I have not been able to see Graham SINCE our time in South Africa together...over three years ago. So, if you were wondering, YES I was super excited to see him. I also met Graham's bride, Sarah, in my time with YWAM Kona, Hawaii and she is lovely as they come.

I made my way up to Toronto, Canada to capture Graham + Sarah's wedding...the day after I shot Travis + Ariel's wedding. It was a WWW (wonderful wedding weekend)! Their wedding day involved Indian food, a hilarious bridal party, beautiful worship to Jesus (that was led by Graham + Sarah) and vineyards - vineyards EVERYWHERE! 

Thank you Graham + Sarah for letting me be a part of your day. I love you both.


Travis + Ariel

I have been looking forward to shooting Travis + Ariel's wedding for one to many months. So, when the time finally came for me to hop on a jet plan and head on over to Michigan...well, you could say that I was pretty excited. And, as always, I made a few friends on the way there. (I really love making friends in airplanes and airports).

I know the two of these lovely humans from my time with YWAM and I'm so thankful that I got to be a part of their wonderfully organized barn wedding - and in their own family's barn!

Please enjoy the Mello's wedding photos and I hope you are so full of joy today.


Tyler + Ashley

          I met Ashley in April of 2012 in Kona, Hawaii (of all the places, right?). We were both doing a school with YWAM  that changed our lives forever, but...that's a whole other story. Ashley and I got to reunite at the joyful occasion of her wedding. I hopped on two little jet planes and made my way down south to Nashville, TN to photograph Ashley + Tyler's wedding day. Other than the good ole' southern heat, I have nothing to complain about! There were loads of detailing, planning and creativity that came together to make this wedding magic happen!

Side note:

This wedding was so beautiful that even the butterflies came to watch!

See if you can find them. ;)

          Tyler + Ashley met each other while studying film at Liberty University and the rest was history. They both, clearly, fit so well together and I couldn't be more excited for the two of them AND to have been a part of their day! The ceremony was so meaningful for two major reasons because Tyler's father, Guy Penrod, was the officiant, and because the entire wedding was dedicated to glorifying Jesus. What a joy to see a young couple who have given their marriage to the Lord! 

Please enjoy these photos and let me know which ones are your favorites!

And big thanks to my second shooter, Melanie Siegrist, for her wonderful photos

AND for letting me crash at her house.

JJ + Lauran

I loved seeing high school friends JJ + Lauren tie the knot last weekend at Lakefield Weddings. I've known JJ since the 7th grade and I've played volleyball with Lauren for years, so it was so much fun to be a part of their wedding day, and the day finally arrived! These two love birds have been together for over four years - commitment. 

This was definitely the first wedding that I've ever photographed with so many of my high school teachers in attendance, along with many of my high school friends. It was so joyful to to see everyone! In conclusion, the day was full of lots of smiles, the most delicious champagne ever and a happily married couple. 

JJ + Lauren thanks for trusting me with your day.

& a BIG thanks to Maddie Broderick for helping me out for the day! Couldn't have done it without my neighbor ;)

-Sarah Gehman

Chase + Rebecca

Chase and Rebecca's day was full of country love! I had so much fun working with the two of them at Lakefield Weddings. It was obvious that there was so much thought put into every detail of their day, each of them being so personal - including the buck (shot by Chase) that greeted the guests as they were seated. Their wedding was fully dedicated the Jesus Christ and the reverence of the Lord was evident and I really, really loved that. 

Thanks for letting me join in on the wedding fun, Rebecca and Chase! God bless you both.

My favorite photos of the day were the very last ones we took down by the lake - which are yours?



Florist/Wedding planner - Terah Kennel:

Cake: Colebrook Bakery

Venue: Lakefield Weddings

Photography: Sarah Gehman Photo