Senior Portraits


Adriana is an adorable friend of an adorable friend. 

            When Adriana and I chatted on the phone about her session a few weeks ago, we both knew that we would get along all too well. We were both 100% correct, too. Adriana, her mom and I wondered around downtown Lititz for the evening and the lighting was perfection. Also...what are the odds that Adriana is considering doing a school with YWAM? The odds are pretty high! Been there...still doing that. ;)

I love the connections and friendships I get to make with my job. 

Without further adieu, here are Adriana's senior photos.


I'm so excited to share the first part of Haleigh's senior photo session! Haleigh and I both know each other from the horse world we've both been involved in for years - fun connection, right? 

Horses are one of my favorite "props" for a session, so I was super excited when Haleigh wanted to book a session with JUST her and her horse Sturgis. Let's just say....shout out to Haleigh's Dad for all of the behind the scenes work he did to get Sturgis' ears up! It may sound silly, but it completely changes the look of the photo if the horse's ears look perfect, too. 

Enough of my ranting about horse ears (who even does that?)...check out Haleigh (& Sturgis') senior photos! Part 2 of Haleigh's photos is in the works!


-Sarah Gehman


I'm not sure that I've ever had so much fun at a senior session as I did with Erika. She is hilarious and was so natural in front of the camera. Erika and I went to school together years ago. We were even in a musical together - so much fun! It was a joy to reunite with her and have a flawless senior session. She blew me away with her style...and let's talk about that flower crown, folks! She basically looked like the most perfect woodland fairy. 

SIDE NOTE: There was a hilarious dog that seemed to follow us around during the, I just had to include some "behind the scenes" with the pup because it was too funny. He was basically magnetized to wherever I would tell Erika to, who's shoot actually was it? Someone didn't get the memo. 

Enjoy Erika's photos. Which are your favorite?

-Sarah Gehman


Erin and I have been emailing back and forth for weeks now planning her senior portrait session. I think it's safe to say that we were both excited when the day of her session finally arrived. Enough with the emailing, it was finally time to take Erin's senior photos and she knew exactly what she wanted! Erin is a senior at Manheim Central high school and she's been playing the violin since the fourth grade - how cool is that? I love when seniors get to incorporate what they love to do, and what describes them best, into their personal shoot. 

The violin photos are my favorite. Which are yours? 

-Sarah Gehman


Lyndsay contacted me a few weeks ago and I had an opening, so BOOM! We booked her senior shoot right away. I was so excited to meet her! Other than the fact that she is clearly so fun and adorable (obviously), she attends the very same school that I graduated from. Well, actually, I went to the same school from Kindergarden to twelfth grade. :)

Lyndsay had already dreamed of having her photos at the Hershey hotel, so Lyndsay, her mom and I journeyed to Hershey for the evening. The weather was PERFECT - not too hot and great natural light. It was a win-win situation, folks! On our way back we stopped in an overgrown field area that I saw on the way and grabbed the last few photos from our session. Then on our 40-ish minute trip home we talked about food basically the entire ride because...everyone would do the same thing, right? Maybe it was the Hershsey's chocolate in the air that was getting to us? Yeah, that's what I'll blame it on.

God bless you in your senior year, Lyndsay! 

Here are some of my favorite photos from Lyndsay's session.