Mikey + Megan | Pololu Valley Engagement Session | Hawaii Engagement Photographer

I met Mikey on a three month long missions trip in South Africa almost SIX years ago. How hilarious is that?! Now we are both living on the exact same Hawaiian island and yes, absolutely I was going to photograph his engagement photos with his lovely bride-to-be Megan. Mikey is a real life Fabio with his hair. Am I right or am I right?! And don't get me started on Megan and her cuteness.

We hiked down into Pololu Valley and we basically ran around like little children for an hour. The valley is absolutely stunning and a DREAM to photograph in. ESPECIALLY when I have a hot couple to photograph. Mikey + Megan, ya'll rock and I had so much fun with you both. Same time next week? :P

God bless each of you!



Brad + Jess

          Photographing family is a joy. No, Brad + Jess aren't family by "technically" by blood...well, we aren't sure about that actually. We might have to do some research, but I know Brad's last name is Gehman...so, of course we decided that we are cousins. 

This engagement session was so much fun and most definitely did not feel like a job.

I truly love that I get to meet such wonderful people and get to capture their story.


And now for the photos - enjoy Brad + Jess and their contagious smiles!

Nate + Jane

I. Love. These. Two.

          Nate and Jane were just a few years below me in school and they are both wonderful. Nate and I were in a musical together in high school and those are some of my favorite memories from my school years. These two have a stellar sense of humor. And OH do they love each other. I'm pumped to have the honor of capture the wedding day of this young-love couple this upcoming September. 

SIDE NOTE: How glorious is Jane's hair?! 

OTHER SIDE NOTE: I hope you enjoy these photos and your day. Well, I hope that you enjoy all of your days!


Forrest + Mandy

Here's the deal...when you're friends get engaged and you're all together on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean...you take photos to prove it all happened. Mandy + Forrest have been living on the big island of Hawaii working with the same missions organization that I am with - YWAM (Youth With A Mission). They are so in love it's adorable. But, you don't need me to tell you that...the photos will speak for themselves. 

Prepare yourself for some Hawaiian beauty from the big island. 

And without further adieu, here are Mandy + Forrest's engagement photos.

Jenny + Lucas

I went to high school with Jenny. Yes, she is the stunning red head in all of the photos below.

Her (soon to be husband) Lucas, Jenny and I met at Eastern University where the both of them graduated. We had such a lovely time and the lighting was beautiful, as were my subjects. 

I'm so honored to be their wedding photographer next May in Pennsylvania!

Which are your favorite photos? 

Marvin + Amanda

How great are these two?! Marvin, Amanda, the sun and myself all met up at the Lancaster County Park for their engagement session. The light was lovely, as were Marvin + Amanda. Also, be sure to look at the very last two photos to see the sunset that we had during their session! #ALLTHEHEARTEYES

Marvin + Amanda, thank you for trusting me to capture such a beautiful moment in time for the two of you.

I'm thrilled to be a part of your October wedding this year!


Which ones are your favorites?

Charlie + Rachel

Rachel and I went to the same school for basically our whole lives and became close friends when we played sports together in high school. She's one of those girls who is the "full package" and has got it all going for her, so...Charlie, you picked a good one! I'm so glad that I got to meet Charlie and see how well the two of them work together. I can't wait to be a part of their wedding in Lancaster next July! 

Enjoy Charlie + Rachel's engagement session and have the best day ever, please!


Ian + Edie

          Me, myself and my old school playlist took a little road trip out to Pittsburg, Pa for Ian + Edie's engagement photos. No, we had never met before but these two are like family....almost literally. Ian is my sister in law's brother. So he's basically my brother. I think that's how that works, right? I'm so glad that we all got to meet! It's pretty safe to say that this photo session did not feel like a job. We had so much fun walking around McConneles Mill State Park snapping photos of the four of them.

It. Was. Stunning. 

Oh, did I mention that they brought their two dogs? Yup - that happened. 

Enjoy Ian + Edie's photos... ( & the pups, Kale + Steely)