Big Island Wedding | Hawaii Elopement | Pololu Valley Elopement | Nikki + Dominic

Nikki + Dominic’s intimate elopement was as dreamy as they come. The weather was perfection, love (and humidity) was in the air (how cheesy am i?!) and it all took place in one of my favorite places on the Big Island - Pololu Valley.

We hiked down into the valley, wedding dress and suit in hand, and walked until we found the perfect spot to tie the knot. Who does that?! THESE TWO! I loved every flippin’ minute of it. They got married, popped champagne and we ran around and took beautiful photos of beautiful people in a beautiful place on a beautiful day. Yup, it was beautiful enough to say the word beautiful four times in one sentence. I just have to be speak truly of the day!

I hope that you love these photos as much as this chick does.

***Pointing at myself with thumbs, obviously!

And if you don’t, well…God bless your buns anyway.

Stephanie + Josh | Drumore Estate | Pennsylvania Fall Wedding

Stephanie + Josh’s fall wedding at the one and only Drumore Estate (AKA one of the classiest wedding venues in Lancaster, PA) was obviously stunning all around, ya’ll. Katherine did a KILLER job photographing their wedding day story. Steph is my (Sarah) childhood bestie’s little sister. So, Steph is basically another little sister to me, so this wedding couldn’t have been more special for my team to be a part of!


Second shooter: Madeline Broderick

Big Island Family Photos | Waikoloa Beach | Kirk Family Photos

Waikoloa Beach is one of my favorite beaches to meet families and photograph them! The Kirk family was just so much fun. We laughed the whole time and I just love, love, love meeting families that clearly love each other. That was the Kirk family.

Enjoy the Kirk family photos! God blessss you cool kids today.



Photographed for Kelilina Photography

Andrea + Drew | Historic Acres of Hershey | Pennsylvania Wedding | Hershey, PA

I loved this day so, so much.

Andrea + Drew were a dream to work with. The weather was rainy RIGHT when the ceremony was supposed to begin, but everyone waited for it to lighten. Guests waited with umbrellas. The bridal party joyfully wiped down all of the chairs multiple times. We were gonna get these two married, rain or shine!

I t w e n t b e a u t i f u l l y .

It rained, but that didn’t matter. Their ceremony was SO memorable and joyful.


Photographer: Sarah Gehman

Second Photographer: Madeline Broderick

Venue: Historic Acres of Hershey

Florist: Moss + Vine

Coordinator: Elena Scott, Events with Elena

Make-up artist: Veroleigh Cosmetics

Jee + Jane | Kukio Beach Intimate Wedding | Hawaii Beach Wedding | Four Seasons Hawaii

Jee + Jane and their sweet family all gathered for their intimate wedding on one of my favorite beaches, Kukio Beach. The light was dreamy, the sky was blue and these two made each other laugh so much and were so much fun to photograph. 

Which is your favorite image?! Mine is the VERY last couple's portrait. 

PLANNER: Vintage And Lace Weddings

FLOWERS: Grace Flowers

OFFICIANT: Tom Fernandez / Email:

DINNER: Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

Jordan + Peggy | Kona, Hawaii | Hawaii Photographer Adventurous Couple Session

This session was so special and SO MUCH DANG FUN, danggittt! 

I met Peggy and Jordan YEARS ago in Tennessee through some mutual friends and an event I was a part of. Peggy is one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet. It's rare to meet humans like her in this world! 

These two are a photo and video team of their own ( go check out their work HERE ) based in Knoxville, TN. Sweet, sweet Jordan surprised Peggy with a mini-couple's session while they were here on the island photographing a wedding! HOW FUN! Take notes, gentlemen!

Jordan made a playlist for their session and you better believe that I brought around my modern-day-boom-box and blared that music while we hung out in the lava fields surrounding Kona, Hawaii. This is how I knew this session would be a grand ole' time. Here are a few of the songs that Jordan chose for their session...

  • Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson, ft. Bruno Mars
  • Cowboy take me away - Dixie chicks
  • I love you always forever - Donna Lewis

Enjoy their photos. Or else. KIDDING! 

Kate + John | England Destination Wedding | St. Audries Park Wedding | West Quantoxhead

I met Kate in Hawaii six years ago. It's a super common place to make good friends, am I right?!  We were both doing a school with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) and we've been pals ever since. Kate + John asked me to fly out to England to shoot their wedding and it was prettttty hard to say no to. Honestly. I was so, so honored to be a part of their wedding day. These two love birds were surrounded by people who love them dearly. 

What was your favorite image from your wedding day?

KATE: "My favorite moment was arm in arm with my precious dad walking down the isle. I felt completely over come and the power of the moment took me totally by surprise. I was so excited to see John because we had been apart for a week and when I saw him my being was flooded with peace. We had already committed to each other and even had a marriage certificate so I expected the whole thing to feel ceremonial and almost redundant but God’s presence was so tangible and I still feel totally overwhelmed when I think of that moment. It really was so powerful and to me, pure magic!"


***Big thanks to Charlie for photographing the groomsmen getting ready and the groomsmen formal photos! You rock.

KATE: "This is one of my favorites among MANY of favs! I love it because I feel pretty and John is so passionate ( after a couple glasses of ol' vino 😉) and the setting is so familiar - it’s every August in England and to me, it’s beautiful! I miss home! So, to have it captured in my wedding photos means the world to me!"

Hawaii wedding photographer

Josh + Steph | Adventurous Engagement Session | Lancaster, PA Photographer

THIS is a super-duper exciting blog to be sharing for so many reasons. 

1. Josh + Steph are adorable (obviously) and they were both a few years younger than me. 

2. FOUR WORDS: There is a puppy.

3. This was the FIRST session that my new, KICK BUTT, Pennsylvania associate Katherine photographed and she did a flawless job. I was having serious jealousy as I was editing the photos. Their engagement session looked AMAZING. Scroll below and see for yourself!

If you are in PA and need photos, book a session with Katherine now! You won't regret it. Send an email over to to book a portrait, senior, couple or family session with Katherine!

Head on over to the MEET THE TEAM page and get to know Katherine!


Until next time, friends.


Kailyn + Cody | Intimate Garden Wedding | Plantation Gardens Restaurant and Bar | Kauai Wedding Photographer

Intimate wedding in Kauai?


I did a little island hop from the Big Island of Hawaii over to Kauai a few weeks ago to photograph Cody + Kailyn's intimate wedding at Kauai's Plantation Gardens and Restaurant. Their closest family and friends cheered them on as they said their "I dos." These two love birds are TOTALLY obsessed with each other. And, if you're a wedding photographer, you know that this makes your job on a wedding day really not feel like a "job." These are the days that I love and the jobs I kind of live for. 

One of my favorite moments of their day was directly after their wedding they walked off to the side of the gardens and had their first dance with a live ukulele player. Who does that?! The coolest!

Here's to you, Cody + Kailyn! 


P.S. The VERY last two photos is of Cody + Kailyn's reaction to me walking backwards ( while photographing ) and almost walking directly into a HUGE cactus. 

WEDDING PLANNER: Vintage and Lace <----one of the best on the island!

VENUE: Plantation Gardens and Restaurant

Mikey + Megan | Pololu Valley Engagement Session | Hawaii Engagement Photographer

I met Mikey on a three month long missions trip in South Africa almost SIX years ago. How hilarious is that?! Now we are both living on the exact same Hawaiian island and yes, absolutely I was going to photograph his engagement photos with his lovely bride-to-be Megan. Mikey is a real life Fabio with his hair. Am I right or am I right?! And don't get me started on Megan and her cuteness.

We hiked down into Pololu Valley and we basically ran around like little children for an hour. The valley is absolutely stunning and a DREAM to photograph in. ESPECIALLY when I have a hot couple to photograph. Mikey + Megan, ya'll rock and I had so much fun with you both. Same time next week? :P

God bless each of you!



Kevin + Kaleigh | Surprise Proposal | Blue Hawaii Helicopters | Waikoloa, Hawaii

Kevin contacted me just a few weeks ago and invited me to be in on the surprise proposal. 


He had it all planned out and it was adorable. They went on a helicopter tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours and JUST after they landed he popped the question. SHE SAID YES, FOLKS! And the timing worked out absolutely perfectly because they were the very last flight to come in from the day, so we were able to take a few photos on the landing pad / run way. 

Congrats to you BOTH, Kevin + Kaleigh!


Shout out to Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours for being the best! Check them out if you're in Kona.

Katie + Brent

I met Katie + Brent a few times in Pennsylvania. Katie messaged me a few weeks ago letting me know that she was going to be in the great state of Hawaii. So, we obviouly had a fun, beach mini-session with her and her husband Brent. It was such an easy session. Honestly. Dream team. She is a talented photographer, herself, too! Please do yourself a favor and go stalk her work for a bit, and if you're in PA, book yourself a session!


Please enjoy these Hawaiian photos and get jealous of how beautiful it is. 

Book your flights out here.



Chris + Brielle

Chris + Brielle's wedding was one of my favorite weddings that I've ever been a part of. Every touch of their day was so sweet, personal, detailed and creative. Their closest friends and family surrounded them in Brielle's family's backyard for their intimate ceremony. It was so beautiful. Chris + Brielle even drove (and got some epic photos with) Chris' Dad's truck that he fixed up! 

And can we all geek out about how stunning of a job Splints and Daises did on the flowers?!

Emily Timmer was my second shooter for the day and she rocked it. Thanks, Em!

Bryan + Molly | Central Park Proposal | Surprise Proposal | New York Proposal

From the bride-to-be herself, Molly. (One of my best friends and favorite humans).


"Bryan and I have been dating for almost a year and a half

and I actually remember texting my best friend a month into the relationship and said...

'I feel like I'm gonna marry this guy'. 

We were in New York because my friend Emily had claimed she was coming from Portland to a conference in on the city for school, so my friend Sarah and I came to see her. I brought along Bryan because I wanted him to meet Emily and thought nothing of it being different from any other New York trip. We walked around all day and Bryan kept running about 2 miles ahead of us like he was on a mission. I called him out for it, not understanding that he was trying to plan out how we would get to Central Park in time before Sarah (Photographer/Friend) had to leave. 

We got there and he was trying to go on the boats but it was cash only and I didn't get why he was so devastated we couldn't get on them, all the while that was where he was planning to propose.

When that didn't work out, we eventually found a little pocket where no one was in Central Park and sarah said 'Let's get some couple photos of you guys in this walkway!", thinking nothing of it we started posing for her. Suddenly people came it of the woodwork and kept walking up behind us so we moved to another pocket. "Okay one more time guys!" Sarah said with enthusiasm. After not knowing how to pose anymore I just got on my knee like a weirdo and pretended I was proposing to Bryan for the sake of a ridiculous photo. After getting on my feet and saying something about how we switched gender roles, he grabbed my face and said he had something to tell me. 

I knew right then and there what was about to happen. He proceeded to say something about how there was never a conference and he had been conspiring and saving these past few months and in a group text with Emily and Sarah planning everything. It was everything I could have asked for in a proposal, and more! I've been on cloud 9 ever since and can't wait to spend forever with a wonderful man and a best friend ❤️."

Featured on HOW WE ASKED" by the Knot


Jones Family

I've known Christine (she's Teeni to me, though) ever since I can remember. My older sister was close, close friends with Teeni ever since middle school. The Jones family is beautiful (for proof, scroll below) and so full of joy. We were laughing the entire session...well, also there was some serious bribing to exchange smiles for gummies. But, we've all been there! No shame.

We had the Jones family session at one of their good pal's farm. The Jones family brings their kiddos over there and get to ride some beautiful horses. Teeni and I were in 4H together in the younger years and she worked on my family's horse farm for years so it definitely was fitting that horses were involved in her family photo session.

Enjoy the Jones family, friends! 


Jessica Lynn

It's not every day that I get to photograph my not- so-little sister's senior photos. 

I STILL have a hard time believing that the girl I photographed for an hour at sunset was MY JESSY! I'm so thankful that I shared these senior photo memories with her. So, here's what happened...Jessica approached me and she said that it was her dream to take her senior photos in this famous little flower field in Lititz, PA...with her horse. So, we did just that. We loaded her sweet horse, Greyson, on our trailer and we made some art in a flower field at sunset. 

Pretty ideal, I know. 

We most DEFINITELY had eyes watching us the whole time and it seemed that everyone was taking pictures...of us taking pictures. I guess it wasn't the most normal occurrence and it was pretty picturesque...hence, why we were there. It was actually kind of hilarious, to be honest. You couldn't wipe the smiles off of our faces that evening if you tried. I dare you to time travel to the past and see if you could stop our smiley selves. I DARE YOU.

(Let me know how it goes, if you do? I spoke confidently, but if you can time travel...well, I freakin' respect you.)

Please enjoy Jessica Lynn Gehman's senior photos.

SHOUT-OUT to my Mom for standing behind me and my camera waving things and making noises so that Greyson would have his ears up in the photos. You should get a raise, Mama!

DISCLAIMER: We were asked to not bring our horse back to the flower field for safety reasons so, unfortunately, you cannot bring your horse to this famous little field for YOUR senior photos. A great dane? Maybe! But a horse? Nope! I do want to officially apologize to the owner of the field for any disrespect you may have felt. We should have asked permission before we brought our horse. We are so thankful for the owner's kindness in planting the field and opening it to the public. You are inspiring our community to get creative, be generous and come together. It's such a beautiful thing, really. God bless you.

Lucas + Jenny

          I know Jenny from high school. The stunning, academic, red-headed super athlete was a few years above me and basically one of the coolest girls in school. So, I can't lie...I felt pretty honored when I was asked to shoot one of the popular girls wedding's! There was some reuniting to be had at this wedding because Jenny's brother, AJ, and I graduated in the same class AND my high school soccer coach was the pastor. Small world! 

          Jenny + Lucas's wedding was so detailed and all of the decorations were handmade. Jenny had her mom's wedding dress remade! Isn't that so sweet?! She even had a photo of her mom on her wedding day and I had to pinch myself as we took a photo of it! So dang sweet. 

Enjoy Jenny + Lucas's wedding day and God bless your week!


VENUE: Fox Chase Golf Course

FLOWERS: Ever After Floral (Such beautiful work - would definitely recommend!)

SECOND SHOOTER: : Maddie Broderick 

Lucas + Rachael

          When I was in Hawaii this past April I was asked to photograph Lucas + Rachael's vow renewal and BOY am I glad that I got to be a part of this joyful celebration. Their closest friends brought their chairs and blankets, came down to the beach, sang some beautiful songs and supported the renewing of Lucas + Rachael's vows. It was so beautiful and and felt so real to their lives as their two sons ran up and grabbed their mother's hand during the ceremony and stood by her side. Through tears they shared their renewed vows and made fresh commitments to one another.

So. Dang. Beautiful. God bless their marriage!

Rachael and Lucas are talented musicians and Rachael is about to release her newest album. Keep on the lookout!

Click HERE to listen to her live worship album, "Live at the barn."

Enjoy these photos, friends! 



Autumn is creative. Autumn is inspiring. Autumn is full of life. 

No, I'm not talking about the season, though, all of those statements do apply. I loved Autumn's senior session. We walked around Lancaster city and ended the session on the top of a parking garage. I know Autumn because we went to the same school. She is so dang sweet and pretty easy on the eyes, ay? And if it already isn't obvious, HER HAIR IS GLORIOUS! She probably walked away from this senior portrait session with a head ache because I asked her to shake her hair so many times. Oops.

#doitforthephoto #forgivemeAutumm

Enjoy these photos, friends and God bless you! YES, you!


Autumn, I pray that God would bless you with even more joy in the little things in life. Enjoy the journey, lady. Enjoy your moments, because they add up quickly. 

Ariel + Travis

Ariel approached me with the sweetest idea and asked to book a mini-session to surprise her husband for date night. HOW CUTE! (Photographic proof of cuteness below). I photographed Ariel + Travis's wedding less than two years ago less than two years ago and, if you remember, they had such a lovey-dovey, joy-filled first look. But, Ariel and Travis seem like one of those couples that will be in the "honeymoon phase" for life. Yup. 

Remind yourself and click HERE to see what I'm talking about.

Happiest of Mondays to you.