Bryan + Molly | Central Park Proposal | Surprise Proposal | New York Proposal

From the bride-to-be herself, Molly. (One of my best friends and favorite humans).


"Bryan and I have been dating for almost a year and a half

and I actually remember texting my best friend a month into the relationship and said...

'I feel like I'm gonna marry this guy'. 

We were in New York because my friend Emily had claimed she was coming from Portland to a conference in on the city for school, so my friend Sarah and I came to see her. I brought along Bryan because I wanted him to meet Emily and thought nothing of it being different from any other New York trip. We walked around all day and Bryan kept running about 2 miles ahead of us like he was on a mission. I called him out for it, not understanding that he was trying to plan out how we would get to Central Park in time before Sarah (Photographer/Friend) had to leave. 

We got there and he was trying to go on the boats but it was cash only and I didn't get why he was so devastated we couldn't get on them, all the while that was where he was planning to propose.

When that didn't work out, we eventually found a little pocket where no one was in Central Park and sarah said 'Let's get some couple photos of you guys in this walkway!", thinking nothing of it we started posing for her. Suddenly people came it of the woodwork and kept walking up behind us so we moved to another pocket. "Okay one more time guys!" Sarah said with enthusiasm. After not knowing how to pose anymore I just got on my knee like a weirdo and pretended I was proposing to Bryan for the sake of a ridiculous photo. After getting on my feet and saying something about how we switched gender roles, he grabbed my face and said he had something to tell me. 

I knew right then and there what was about to happen. He proceeded to say something about how there was never a conference and he had been conspiring and saving these past few months and in a group text with Emily and Sarah planning everything. It was everything I could have asked for in a proposal, and more! I've been on cloud 9 ever since and can't wait to spend forever with a wonderful man and a best friend ❤️."

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