Autumn is creative. Autumn is inspiring. Autumn is full of life. 

No, I'm not talking about the season, though, all of those statements do apply. I loved Autumn's senior session. We walked around Lancaster city and ended the session on the top of a parking garage. I know Autumn because we went to the same school. She is so dang sweet and pretty easy on the eyes, ay? And if it already isn't obvious, HER HAIR IS GLORIOUS! She probably walked away from this senior portrait session with a head ache because I asked her to shake her hair so many times. Oops.

#doitforthephoto #forgivemeAutumm

Enjoy these photos, friends and God bless you! YES, you!


Autumn, I pray that God would bless you with even more joy in the little things in life. Enjoy the journey, lady. Enjoy your moments, because they add up quickly.