Intimate Pennsylvania Barn Vow Renewal

Krystal + Saad have been married for ten and a half years - so beautiful, right?! A milestone ABSOLUTELY worth being celebrated! It poured rain almost the entire afternoon and evening but we had the perfect window of opportunity to pop outside of the beautiful Wyndridge Farm for a few couple’s portraits. Their renewal ceremony was so tender. They love each other so, so much. They emphasized to me, multiple times, that this day was more about celebrating and honoring their closest friends and family. This day was essentially a “thank you” party for the besties that have loved them well and urged them on in the ten and a half years Krystal + Saad have had together.

I want to be like Krystal + Saad when I grow up.

SIDE NOTE: I wish I could teleport EACH of you reading this back in time to hear two of their sons read their handwritten letters to their mom and dad. You would have melted, too.

Enjoy these photos of a family that is strong, in love with each other AND with Jesus.